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Towner & Kohler specializes in the ever-changing receivable & commercial credit industry for every company, both large & small.


With our ability to provide a broad range of credit & recovery services, our clients will see positive changes in cash flow & optimize recovery while increasing productivity.

Our unparalleled approach is not only unique but also makes us a key part of your complete financial solution.



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Debt Recovery & Receivables Management

Account Receivables are a critical part of solidifying any company's health. Unpaid invoices can severely affect the bottom line. We're here to assist in slow-paying customers & delinquent receivables.

Our team of advanced consultants armed with the latest technology & real-time information is able to effectively discover the best path to the recovery of your receivables.  


Allow us to advocate for your company while maintaining the integrity of your customer relationships.

Professional Consulting & Customized Solutions

With over 120 years of combined experience, dedication, &  resources our staff has the capabilities & expertise to take your credit solutions to the next level.


At Towner & Kohler, we combine our insights & skills to transform recovery processes in order to meet the needs of every client.  We’re honored to help shape & improve how our clients structure their businesses.

Qualified Examination & Litigation

All legal actions are the sole decision of our clients. Our complete solution-based process provides clients with all the facts needed to make decisions in confidence. 

Before a case is forwarded for judicial review, our team will conduct a comprehensive analysis of each file & ensure all of our discoveries lead to a recovery of funds. 

Towner & Kohler is here to help guide you through the appropriate processes with our nationwide network of Collection Attorney coverage.

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